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Our Story

The natural beauty of Maine is all too often overlooked. As a native Mainer, I regularly stop and spend a moment in wonder and appreciation of this. Ledges and seaweed, forests of tall pines, the spectacle of the seasons - life in Maine is simple and rugged while the people are straightforward and honest. My wife Alessandra and I have chosen to remain in Maine and raise our children Atticus, Harlow and Hazel here. In short, Maine is home with all the warmth associated with that term. And it's where we intend to grow old together. 

 For more than a decade, I have traveled the globe working in the textile industry. When the moment came for some professional introspection, Maine once again came into focus. I am proud that Evangeline is born from this rugged and enduring place. After all the stops along the road, I'm back home and finally able to execute my vision for beautiful, heirloom quality textiles.

 In every Evangeline piece I hope that I've captured a bit of the wild, the resilience, and the warmth of Maine with simple materials woven to be used daily.


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